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    Conexión wifi en cualquier espacio WiFi connection anywhere

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    Calidad en redes con alta densidad de usuarios Increase network capacity
    and reduce neighbor interference

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    Incrementa la capacidad de la red, reduce interferencias vecinas High quality in high
    user-density networks


R&D Offer

Our aim is provide solutions to meet needs concerning

Applied research
Technological innovation in telecommunications

for businesses which wish to offer a high-quality wireless network connection to their users, improving network performance and helping minimize environmental impact by adopting our solution.

R&D Projects

AOIFES is a technology-based business, which invests in R&D. It has developed its own Cognitive HotspotTM Technology, or CHT. Its R&D projects integrate and directly apply CHT to various environments. AOIFE works in the following areas of expertise: advanced network architecture, structure and protocols, embedded software, efficient resource usage in network real time and multiplatform solution development for wireless communications access points. It has numerous advantages:

  • Multiplatform software technology
  • Distributed intelligence technology
  • Advanced, efficient technology
  • Sustainable, ecological solution


Technology Transfer

AOIFES is a company that specializes in wireless communication technology, focusing on improving network operation and performance in high user-density environments. It also offers our clients solutions for any environment where having a high network capacity and high-quality service is critical.

AOIFES defines itself as a Value Added WiFi Solutions generator. As well as receiving an innovative and effective solution, our customers also benefit from the support of a solutions generator distinguished for its work in R&D. Our partner programme allows us to work closely with our customers and offer them the technical support they need, whether by offering training, pre-sale support or post-sale support.


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