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    Conexión wifi en cualquier espacio WiFi connection anywhere

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    Calidad en redes con alta densidad de usuarios Increase network capacity
    and reduce neighbor interference

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    Incrementa la capacidad de la red, reduce interferencias vecinas High quality in high
    user-density networks

What is CHT technology?

AOIFES has responded to the current market needs, where there is a high demand for wireless connections via access points. This need arose in response to the widespread popularity of mobile devices (tablets, laptops, etc.); as a result, a good WiFi connection is an essential distinguishing feature for businesses.

AOIFES has developed a novel technology known as Cognitive Hotspot™ Technology, or CHT, which can be integrateds into physical equipment and provides a wireless connection with several advantages over its competitors. This technology converts WiFi access points into intelligent, programmed access points so as to manage network resources jointly and supportively, thereby increasing the network capacity. CHT reduces environment’al interference and electromagnetic radiation levels, providing users with a high-quality WiFi service free from interruptions or cuts to the connection. This CHT enables makes it possible for more users to be connected simultaneously, and so renders the WiFi suitable for high user-density environments.

Furthermore, CHT is environmentally friendly, as it reduces electromagnetic radiation and power consumption.

Competitive advantages:

  • Significant improvement to WiFi network performance
  • Technology with distributed intelligence without network bottleneck or single points of failure
  • Multiplatform software technology, adapted to each individual target market
  • Advanced, efficient technology, adapted to the high demand for videos over WiFi
  • Sustainable, ecological solution

The unique design of CHT allows us to work across a multitude of vertical markets.


  • Quality/Price Ratio
  • Network Capacity
  • QoS improvement
  • User experience
  • Network Performance
  • Security & Reliability




  • Number of needed AP
  • No Central Controller required
  • Installation & Maintenance costs
  • RF emissions
  • Energy consumption
  • Interference & Congestion



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