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    Conexión wifi en cualquier espacio WiFi connection anywhere

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    Calidad en redes con alta densidad de usuarios Increase network capacity
    and reduce neighbor interference

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    Incrementa la capacidad de la red, reduce interferencias vecinas High quality in high
    user-density networks

Mission, Vision and Values

The business project originated from the increase in demand for high-quality WiFi network services. The increase in use of mobile devices further boosted this demand, as people now required a good WiFi connection at all times and all the places.

Noting this, the founders of AOIFES set out their main task: to offer a technology that optimized wireless network operations in any space, including high user-density spaces or areas with adverse conditions.

Driven by this objective, they began to research and develop a clean WiFi technology that reduced electromagnetic radiation and power consumption and improved WiFi performance. With this is mind, José González and José Delgado began the business project AOIFES, defining their MISSION statement as: “to create technology that allows for improved WiFi network performance, reducing noise levels in the environment and facilitating cleaner communication and allowing resources to be used more responsibly and efficiently,” and their VISION as: “To be a world leader in wireless communication technologies, with a continued emphasis on R&D. To become an SME that exports innovative, environmentally friendly products to a global market and contributes to our region’s economic development.”

Some of our key values are:

  • Innovating at all levels. We believe that innovation can arise at any level, and our business philosophy encourages all internal and external agents to participate, as well as encouraging collaborative innovation with our companies.
  • Close relationships with customers. We believe that, in order to do business, it is important to form long-lasting relationships, both so that companies can learn from one another and so as to be more competitive.
  • Continuous improvement philosophy. We have a work ethic of continuous improvement, periodically analyzing what could be improved upon at both at technological and at corporate level. This allows us to quickly learn and evolve as an organization.
  • We have had international aspirations from day one. We work on the global market and are open to collaborations on all continents.
  • Our team is our worth. We focus on creating a positive working environment, where communication and teamwork are encouraged. We allow flexible working hours, to develop good employer-employee relationships.
  • Employing young, well-qualified workers, who have participated in university programmes and associated business schools. A balance between junior and senior staff allows us to guarantee a steep learning curve.
  • Personal communications based on trust and mutual respect. This involves committing to doing what you say you will, listening to different opinions and communicating openly and sincerely.
  • Thinking globally, acting locally. We believe in a respectful, open attitude towards diversity of culture and customs.
  • Working for a greener earth. We are firmly committed to sustainable development. Our ECOWIFI technology minimizes power consumption and radiation of WiFi networks, creating a cleaner and greener environment.


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